Thursday, October 22, 2015

Scorpio Sun--Transformation, Death, Rebirth & Sex

It's too bad I didn't have the time to do a survey on Scorpio since this sign, similar to Virgo and Capricorn has received a bad rep over time. True, Scorpios are represented by the planet Pluto, insects that sting, and some Scorpio people have been known to sting, especially individuals with Scorpio Rising. But there's another side of Scorpio that revolves around regeneration.

Ruling Planets Pluto and Mars (traditionally)
Fixed Quality
Water Element 
Symbols: Scorpion, Dove, Eagle & Phoenix 

Description words: Penetrating, hypnotic, passionate, laser-focused, mysterious, sexy...

I'll tell you one thing, when we get stuck in a rut, call on a Scorpio friend who will tell us to be ruthless in clearing out the muck from our lives. In fact, call on a Scorpio friend if you need to clear out a closet and give away old clothing. Call on a Scorpio friend when you have the uncomfortable task of cutting someone out from your life, but don't call upon a Scorpio if you have trouble forgiving another--forgiveness is the biggest lesson Scorpions face (sun, moon and Rising Sign).

As far as Scorpion individuals go, they run the gamut from dark and brooding to hilarious comedians. Meg Ryan and Goldie Hawn are both Scorpio (who would have thought), but the Scorpio energy coupled no doubt with planets in Sagittarius or lighter Libra provide over-the-top comedy. Think of Meg Ryan's fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally or her lactose intolerance scene in French Kiss. Another Scorpio actress that has played both light and dark roles is Julia Roberts--and she's just intense anyway. I recall her interpretation of Erin Brockovich which in regard to the real Erin B. was overly passionate and intense. Julia also played Liz Gilbert in the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Oddly, both Erin and Liz are Cancerians.

Even though Pisces is considered the endpoint in the Zodiac Wheel, Scorpio represents the endpoint of life. Scorpio represents the hidden sides of us, the shadows, our projections, our wounded egos when we seek revenge, death, rebirth, regeneration, conception, birth, and pretty much anything with blood attached to it. Scorpio represents where each of us surrenders to the inevitable--that we are mortal and yet, eternal. Scorpios, more than any other Zodiac sign, have the ability to rise from the ashes, reinvent themselves on higher spiritual grounds, and reclaim their power. Scorpio is shamanic and similar to an ice-covered volcano with the heat and lava churning underneath the exterior. Even when you don't see a Scorpion's passionate side, he or she is smoldering underneath. Sometimes they even hide their attraction to another person because they're afraid to act vulnerable or get hurt again. Even a slight throws Scorpions off.

It helps to have the Scorpio Sun or Moon on the cusps of Sagittarius or Libra or to have planets, such as Mercury in Libra to bring the ability to detach from emotions. But if you're a Scorpio and you don't have those luxuries or if you have several planets in Scorpio, including Pluto then there are a few things to remember. One, not everyone is out to get you. Two, don't carry around hurt from the past like a badge because you'll just keep attracting the same pattern to you like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Three, we all fail, we all experience loss and everyone has been betrayed at some point in their life, but it is the willingness to forgive and move on that gives us our humanity, and in your case, heroics. Forgiveness is key as is developing compassion and empathy for others. Remember that doves of peace and eagles also represent Scorpio.

When it comes to sex, protect yourself because your sign represents that which is hidden, genitalia, and procreation. I've known Scorpio women to get pregnant at the drop of a hat and I've also known women with a Scorpio Rising or Sun to acquire sexually-transmitted diseases.  And in fact, I believe Pluto was about to move into Scorpio when AIDS was discovered and the focus was upon sex, immorality, and censorship of sexually explicit (and violent) lyrics and music. Grunge music also came about when Pluto transited in Scorpio (which for me was a very dark period).

As far as love and romance, Scorpio when it feels safe, can go deep with a person to the point where it feels like two soul mates intermingling. Scorpio doesn't merge with another in the way that Pisces does, but Scorpio loses its inhibitions (if it had any to begin with) and unleashes passion. However, this passion can turn icy and confuse the lover of a Scorpio person. Some people have said that sexual orgasms are like death and who would know better than a Pluto-ruled individual. Scorpio sex is not for the weak of heart or for those who like to practice more hygienic and clean sex. Scorpios might just rip your clothing off, that is if they to burn holes through you with their gaze.

As far as death, Scorpios are the least afraid of modern medicine, medical procedures and death which they find fascinating. These are the folks who glue themselves to the TV or computer to watch the latest gory mystery. They wouldn't flinch watching gruesome scenes from The Da Vinci Code the way that I did. These folks aren't into covering their eyes when disturbing images emerge. In fact, they get off on it. I think darker movies are made for these folks. Things that gross the rest of us out, don't bother Scorpions so they can work in forensic medicine, at hospices (the more spiritual ones), psychiatric counseling, hypnosis, colon therapy, and deeper religion that focuses on death and rebirth.

Scorpion colors are red, black, and white. Pluto rules Scorpio these days, but Mars ruled Scorpio in classic astrology. Words that describe Scorpio include: Intense, ruthless, passionate, hypnotic, engaging, alluring, smoldering, distant, icy, emotional, vengeful (unfortunately), sharp, and I would include ingenuous since many Scorpions are geniuses--think Bill Gates and Jodie Foster.

Best careers for Scorpio include: Medicine, Forensic medicine, psychiatry, metaphysics, shamanism, detective, artist, movie maker, musician, high tech, counselor, hospice nurse, morgue and funeral director, death counselor, sex counselor, and other helping professions that involve going deep with clients and not flinching from drama, grief and suffering.

Famous Scorpios not already mentioned include: Hilary Clinton, Grace Kelly, Leonard DiCaprio, and George Harrison had his moon in Scorpio. You're in good company.

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