Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Message of Transcendance with the Planets Taking Us There (channeled)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
For the past 24 hours I have experienced a channeled message begging to come through. I didn't have access to the internet until now. The messages coming through reflect on the earth's transcendence into a new era starting now. The past and current transits have opened a new portal and the earth sails through it. In sailor's terms, we have hit open seas and a grander shift is inevitable ready or not. 

First, we have the North Node at 0 degrees Libra getting ready to move into Virgo-the Sign of the Servant. And I've spoken about the servant and service before which doesn't suggests that you have to change careers and start cleaning mansions for a living. This type of service is from the heart and you would still follow your passions and use your talents now for the highest good. You would now serve the Oneness of all creation by staying mindful of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and actions. We will now hear a lot about right action and right purpose with North Node in Virgo with the South Node in Pisces.

Second, with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces opposing Jupiter and then the North Node, we take our spiritual beliefs and values into our practice. Meaning, we finally get the deeper aspects of the teachings we follow and we download it as wisdom in our daily practice. We walk our talk and those of us who align with humility and integrity find that our wishes and desires manifest as if we are connected always to a flow of synchronicity. We dream about future events and they manifest, but when I say future I use that word lightly because we are living beyond time. There is no past, present and future, just this moment which contains all three. This is why we dream about events that manifest instantaneously. We also experience deja vu and connect with our soul tribes which feel like home or family.

In fact, pay attention to the people coming into your life now. Pay attention to urges to work at a different job or career. Pay attention to urges to travel or relocate. Pay attention to obstacles that block your way from doing that and ask yourself why those obstacles exist in the first place. Do obstacles come from within or without or both places? Are the obstacles present to slow down your process or progress so that you are in the right place at the right time.

Soul mates? Many of you if you haven't already done so, meet your soul mates now, but only if you're at the right frequency because you have done the inner work. Are you someone in and out of therapy or coaching who has done much inner work? Then don't despair because your time is now and as mentioned earlier, there is only now and the feelings currently in your heart. Get in touch with your heart because to know your heart is the greatest wisdom of all and what the masters from all spiritual disciplines preached. Know your heart and know the Universe.

There is a greater sense of Oneness and Unity. So this soul mate idea feels like old news anyway. Everyone is our soul brother or sister. Every creature is connected to the whole. The cosmos are both inside and outside of us and this is why astrology is so powerful. So what's happening to us now on the mundane level?

Instant healing outside of time-space reality is possible. Our bodies tell us what to eat and it's best to listen to our bodies even if the new diet seems counter to what we've been taught by diet gurus and foodistas. You are the best judge of what your body requires based on your unique evolution. Having said that, a trend is underway for eating less grains, that includes eating less gluten-free grains as our digestive systems and all body systems align with higher frequency energies on the planet. Be prepared to eat more vegetables and denser proteins as well as less beans and grains. Sorry, vegans, but we will eat more fish. We will however, eat less flesh from beasts and fowl. And new types of seeds and fruits will emerge that align with your evolving bodies. Plants once considered poison or toxic are now digestible and healthy for us.

Big industries buckle under and many crumble despite their numbers looking good on the stock markets. Don't believe the public relations hype you see in the news about corporate giants. They're on their way down and soon, very soon, we will implement new business models that work from the bottom up and serve the populace while allowing freedom for individuals. Any business model based on competition, lack, limitation or fear is on its way out. And what a timely death that is.

The New Thought movement reaches people on the edges of society with coaches and therapists; teachers and healers reaching out to people on the fringe and teaching them tools for manifestation. Don't be surprised if more homeless people become millionaires and millionaires walk away from wealth to serve the greater good. We will see people in droves volunteer to quit their government and corporate jobs. Meanwhile, younger energies move up to take their places.

The biggest change we will experience especially around the Saturn Neptune square beginning in November and the North Node moving into Virgo and joining with Jupiter also in Virgo is living out of time-space reality. But this doesn't suggest that we indulge in fantasies and escape routes because Saturn asks us to apply discipline and take responsibility for our growth. Saturn also helps us stay within structure so that we don't lose our grounding completely. We call upon our past lineages (both DNA and soul lineages) and complete lessons started in other lifetimes or from our ancestors, usually though on the maternal side of the family.

Finally, children play a greater role now. They bring age old wisdom to the planet and mature more quickly than previous generations. It's like they are starting where they left off in previous lifetimes and they are set to go. These children know what they want to do with their lives. They come with missions and it's up to parents to eliminate distractions from their paths such as pop culture, computer games and anything that causes them to get out of alignment with God or the Source.

More channeling is to come, but this is probably enough for now. And it's not anything new. Other channels have said the same. However, if you're currently listening to darker messages from channels, change the channel. We are ushering in light not more darkness. Blessings.

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