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Trilogy--Three Champions of Justice with Common Astrological Aspects

Cesar Chavez, Wikipedia 
Here's another unintentional Whole Astrology post.  Last night I watched the 2013 movie Cesar Chavez and I kept noticing Pisces attributes for Chavez, but I noticed a fiery Aries quality too. So I had to look up his chart, you know how it is with astrologers and strong personalities. And I saw similarities between his chart and the charts of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.  So a blog post was born.

First let's look at Cesar Chavez' chart and I'll give you some background information in case you are not familiar with the Chicano activist and the grape worker boycotts that took place in the late 1960s winning a stunning victory in 1970.  Chavez, a son of a farmer who lost his farm during the Great Depression, eventually found work as a social activist in Los Angeles, but after aligning with the plight of the farmer laborers in California, he chose to lead the workers to joining a union and even forming a credit union.  Chavez employed civil disobedient tactics and promoted non-violence similar to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi who King derived his inspiration for his Civil Rights efforts. Chavez, similar to Gandhi also went on a hunger strike for 25 days to get the laborers to make a pledge for non-violence.

So let's look at Chavez' chart.  He has an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, and Virgo Ascendant.  He is the only activist leader of the three mentioned in this post who wasn't martyred or assassinated.

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What you will notice right away if you're following current transits is that Chavez has his Uranus in Aries, just like MLK and his Saturn in Sagittarius. His Sun does not conjunct Uranus in Aries but they're both in the 8th or Power House, also the House of other people's resources and talents.

His wife as portrayed in the movie is also a power player and a powerful partner that supported her husband.  And there she is appearing as the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Chavez' 7th House of Partners. We can also view this as a justice house and with Jupiter there, Chavez was going to win a battle against his open enemies, the grape farmers and food industry in general.

We have Venus in the 9th House so this suggest that Chavez was a great speaker and could rally the farm workers with Venus representing the earth or farms in his case.  He was also a religious man.

Also let's look at Saturn in the 4th House because Saturn is currently transiting in Sagittarius and I think that gives power to the movie that I watched in that it would grab my attention. Chavez spent a great deal outside of the home and away from his wife and children in order to fulfill the long hours of his work.  He also garnered support from Europe so he traveled to Europe to get Europeans to boycott American grapes and wine thus winning the battle with his hidden and open enemies.

This brings me to Neptune in the 12th House falling in Virgo, the Sign of the Servant.  And remember that Chavez had his Moon in Pisces along with Jupiter and Mercury.  He didn't only align with the farm workers, he strongly empathized with them and merged with them as Neptune in Virgo will do, especially in the 12th House.  His activist work was more than a calling, it was a mission that he would sacrifice everything for to achieve.  And he did just that, almost losing his eldest son Fernando in the process, and almost starving himself to death to achieve his mission.

The Aries Sun and Uranus gave him strength and power some of which he wielded in secret or behind the scenes.  He was out to to the right thing and bring justice no matter what it took. And his health for the most part held out even when beaten, even when jailed and even during the starvation strike, though I read in an article that the starvation strikes led to poor health which took his life at 75 years of age.

So let's look at what Chavez has in common with Gandhi.

Gandhi does not have  Pisces Moon or Uranus in Aries, but he does have Uranus in a Cardinal Sign, Cancer.  And he shares a Cardinal Sun with MLK and Chavez, but his is in Libra along with his Ascendant.

He also shares the Saturn in Sagittarius with the other two activists.  With the Libra Sun and Ascendant, along with Uranus in Cancer in the 9th and Pluto and Jupiter in the 7th, I can see Gandhi following a career in law then branching away from it.

Though oddly I see no planets in the 11th House of humanitarian and grassroots work.  He would have had some trouble accessing his Libra Sun in the 12th, which is also the House of the martyr.  Then speaking of martyrs, Neptune in the 6th House and the Mars in Scorpio in the 1st House could make an argument for martyrdom too since it's conjunct the ruler of the Sun and the chart, Venus.

Saturn in Sagittarius falls in the 2nd House which meant that Gandhi would have to build confidence in his abilities as a leader and bring much discipline to a slow and painstaking process.  Success would not come easy to him and if he lacked integrity, not at all.  He also went on hunger strikes like Chavez and the Neptune in the 6th along with the Sun in the 12th would suggest this type of sacrifice for a greater cause.

Finally, let's take a look at MLK's chart, even though you'll also find a chart exploration of MLK in the Chart Exploration of Champions of Justice also on this blog.

Similar to Chavez, MLK has his Uranus in Aries, falling in his 12th House along with Jupiter, a planet often representing higher learning and religion.  Speaking of religion, look at MLK's Capricorn Sun in the 9th House of religion, right near the cusp of the career 10th House and conjuncting the MC.  I believe MLK was the son of a preacher, but I would have to double check.

MLK was a greater speaker and he has Mercury in Aquarius in the 10th House of public image and it's mostly what we remember him for, those powerful and humanistic speeches!

Venus and Moon in the 11th suggests that he had many women supporters and he had some affairs too, Neptune in the 5th.  Uranus and Jupiter in the 12th suggests a religious sacrifice or martyr for following one's beliefs.  Mars in the 2nd means he had an abundance of confidence in his abilities and Pluto in the 3rd suggests a powerful speaker.  Pluto falls in Cancer which was the era of the Great Depression, born during the same years as Chavez.

Chavez and MLK both stood up for people of color in the United States in regard to basic Civil Rights, though Chavez' main concern was to do with farm workers. They both used similar non-violent tactics and both had immense compassion and the ability to forgive their enemies, Pisces Moon. In fact, when it comes to compassion, the Pisces Moon rivals the Pisces Sun, and since the Moon rules emotions, compassion is heartfelt by a person with a Pisces Moon, which trumps everything else going on in a chart.  (I an attest to that since I have a Pisces Moon in my Natal Chart).

I'll let you explore the charts on your own and see what you come up with.  Watch footage on YouTube of these leaders and also movies based on their lives.  I believe you will feel inspired by their work for justice, especially since Uranus is currently transiting in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius.  Neptune in Pisces also leads us in this direction of justice as we merge with everything that is.

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