Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Special Valentine's Day Forecast (For all you Lovers of Life)

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When I was a child, I loved Valentine's Day which I associated with little Valentine's Day cards that elementary school students exchanged with classmates.  Then later during my early adult years, I associated the day with lingerie, romantic dinners and chocolate truffles.  And now, entering my crone years, I associate the day with self-love and sharing one's heart on a deeper level to the planet.  So what can we expect on February 14, 2015?

Well, if you're in Paris on that day, you could find romance at home, especially if you're married or in a long-term relationship.  A romance found at work could bring out childhood wounds.  Or if you're single you could meet a partner suddenly on social media or at a social event so don't just sit at home having a pity party.  The Fire Trine with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn bring luck in the area of daily environment routine, social groups and home.  So you could meet someone without ever leaving home, if you're in Paris on Valentine's Day.  Plus, everyone is so chatty and curious with the Gemini Ascendant.

Let's see what the romantic atmosphere is like in Venice on Valentine's Day.  Again, we have the Gemini Ascendant and only a few differences.  With the Venice chart we have a stellium of planets in the 10th or Public Life House.  I do get a sense for single people to get out in public and network if you want to meet a new love on Valentine's Day.  However, you could still find love unexpectedly in your home or daily environment with the Fire Trine in the 11th, 6th and 4th Houses.  If you're in a long-term relationship then use this time to reflect on ways you can transform your relationship for a deeper soul connection (Pluto in the 8th).

And for those of you in Honolulu, what can you expect on Cupid's day?  Since the Moon is in Capricorn that day and Saturn falls in the 7th House, this is a day when you can hardly tear yourself away from work or duty.  Or maybe there are some legal complications in a long-term relationship. Also with the Taurus Ascendant, and Saturn in the 7th, this could be a day of building long-term structure to a solid relationship.

Just like the other two charts, the Sun, Neptune and Chiron fall in the 10th House of Public Life and Venus, Mars and Uranus fall in the 11th House which I like to call the House of Social Networking and Social Causes.  If you're single, get involved in a humanitarian or community project on Valentine's Day.  And as you open your heart to compassion, you could unexpectedly meet the love of your life.  The Moon and Pluto in the 8th suggests meeting a kindred soul mate type lover who transforms your life.  And Mercury in the 9th House suggests meeting an academic or philosopher type from another country or culture.

If you're not in Venice, Paris or Honolulu on Valentine's Day, look at where the transiting planets land in your Natal Chart.  You find romantic affairs in the 5th House along with the arts and creativity, long-term and legal partnerships are in the domain of the 7th House and meeting a love interest at a public place takes place in the 10th or 11th Houses. Does Venus and Mars transit through your 12th on this day? Then you could meet someone at a dance performance, yoga studio or spiritual retreat.

Of course, the transit chart for Valentine's Day is more complex than what I mention here.  We all experience the Fire Trine with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn. We all experience the square with Saturn and Neptune, and the coupling of Venus and Mars in Pisces along with the sober Capricorn Moon with Saturn as its ruler.  But the good news about the Capricorn Moon is that it's about building long-term structure and taking care of the more serious side of a relationship.  But if you're looking for adventure, then celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th when the Moon is in Sagittarius.  (I hope you're not superstitious).

And if you're curious, I can run a quick transit chart for Valentine's Day for you with a Pay Pal donation of $30.00.  I also offer synastry charts for you and your love interest (at the regular rate).  Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.

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