Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jupiter in Leo--A Year of Living Dangerously Selfish

When I noticed the Jupiter in Leo transit coming up, I thought that either humanity would open its collective heart chakra and bring healing to the world.  Or humanity would slip into hedonistic and selfish behavior.  Sadly, the later is the case and we've only just begun the transit.

Leo represents in its most positive heartfelt actions and emotions; generosity, entertainment, creativity, and getting in touch with our inner child.  The negative traits of Leo include melodrama, selfishness, arrogance, hedonistic behavior, narcissism, materialism, consumerism, and hogging the proverbial stage because 15 minutes of fame is not enough for Leo.

Jupiter expands what it touches and like Leo is represented by Fire.  Jupiter is the life of the party, the adventurer who lives to extremes. Jupiter expands waistlines and waxes philosophies without backing up those words with action.  Jupiter favors idealism, higher education, religion and foreign travel.  When Jupiter lands in an individual's or nation's money house, money expands as bubble economies.  Remember the real estate bubble of the the early years of this decade that crashed after Pluto left Sagittarius and moved into Capricorn in 2008?  When Jupiter moves into Virgo during the summer of 2015, we will witness another crash of one kind or another as the behaviors from the past year come under Virgo's scrutiny.  While Leo is the king of the world, Virgo represents the shrinking violet or the prim spinster.

Personally, I have encountered selfishness from others.  People who would normally show me warmth and friendship have detached from me as I endure a challenging time.  Oddly, I have Jupiter in Leo falling in my 8th House of other people's resources.  Meanwhile, Saturn in Scorpio straddles my MC and 10th or Public House opposing Jupiter in my 4th House representing home/security/mother.  Uranus in Aries is in my 3rd House of Communication so I want to shake up the status quo.  Pluto is on my First House of transformed identity and learning to love myself.  And Neptune dissolves my emotional and creative boundaries in my Second House.  And yes, I show myself compassion and kindness as I face these challenging transits.

However, other people have played games with me, even if not intentional.  And it's not just me.  There is a disregard for the other now because that takes away from selfish pursuits. And like the Loreal ad once said, "Because I deserve it" holds true to a certain extent (meaning I support self-love), when we don't honor other people, we also dishonor ourselves.  Frankly, that is not self-love, but narcissism.  If we look at ourselves in the mirror and don't see humanity staring back, then something is missing from the picture.

Jupiter in Leo has the potential to open heart chakras and expand generosity.  However, anytime we open our hearts we have to purge the darkness lingering there first.  We have to revisit heartbreak and challenging times in our own lives which we thought we could just sweep under the carpet.  But Leo also represents courage and confidence so if we choose not to be lazy and do the work, we can emerge as a Santa Claus figure showing benevolence to others.  In doing this type of work we ascend into higher frequencies which lead us to experience higher dimensions.  That's why our souls returned to the Earth at this time.

With Jupiter in Leo, my greatest comfort has come from the smiles and laughter of children.  While they don't know my story on a conscious level, the cheer they bring to my life heals me.  Dogs have also flocked to me with their open hearts and given me support in their canine way.  Now, I don't know what others are going through, but I have heard some stories that have opened my heart chakra.  I have at least reached out energetically to others suffering now. In any case, we're never alone.  There's always someone who comes around as I quote Lou Reed's "Sunday Morning".

The challenge with Jupiter in Leo is to heal the heart and develop courage to face the real music on the planet.  We are here to heal ourselves and each other.  And that really is the best gig in town.

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