Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ending September with Venus in Libra and Mercury in Scorpio

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On September 27th Mercury entered Scorpio conjuncting the Scorpio Moon followed by Venus moving into Libra on September 29.  While the Sagittarius Moon leaves us feeling exuberant and willing to take risks, the combination of Venus in her own sign and Mercury in Scorpio could bring out the passive-aggressive side of us.  Use the energy of the Sagittarius Moon to speak our emotions directly and boldly rather than skirt around the edges.

My advice during the final week of September is to dig deeper before making any major or even minor decisions.  With Venus in Libra there is a tendency towards laziness and indulging in food and drink while the Moon sails through Sagittarius.  However, this laziness poses consequences which we could pay for later when Mercury goes retrograde on October 4 in Scorpio.  Use tact and diplomacy now even when uncovering dirty secrets or feeling betrayed.  Mercury in Scorpio has a tendency to trick us into seeing deception everywhere and trusting no one.  We grow fearful and paranoid and speak in darker words than usual so I ask you to watch for this tendency then focus on what is beautiful in others and in the world (Venus in Libra).

As always, we deal with our projections and our shadows. If we find that other people act deceitful then turn the mirror on ourselves.  Where are we deceitful with ourselves and with others?  Remember that we are what we attract to us in some respect.  And we deceive ourselves in numerous ways then blame this on others.  God gave each of us gut feelings or intuition.  We use these tools wisely only when we listen to our inner voice and pay attention to our feelings or senses in the case with any planet in Scorpio or Taurus.  If a situation or person smells wrong to us, then beat a hasty track out of there.

We deal now more with the paranormal or unseen forces which feel both light and dark to us. We could engage in conversations about ghosts or haunted places.  We could clear out the cobwebs within our own soul space.  Now is a good time to clear out any beliefs or situation that no longer or never served us.  Now is not the time to entertain paranoid thoughts, live in suspicious thoughts or watch conspiracy theory videos on YouTube or engage in negative self-talk or conversations with others.  Find out why you have an attraction to darker elements and behaviors then heal the wounds underneath.

Saturn remains in Scorpio until the end of December 2014.  This gives us two months to practice what we preach and change any behaviors that don't serve our highest mission or path.  For those of you with major planets in Water Signs you have this flowing energy for two months in which Saturn moves into the Fire Sign Sagittarius and people born with Mutable T-Crosses will feel tension coming from this Mutable Sign, especially with Neptune in Pisces, another Mutable Sign.  I will cover the Saturn-Neptune square in future posts.

For now you will experience Venus moving into Libra and Mercury moving into Scorpio then in a few days time turning retrograde.  The big message is practice what you preach and practice direct communication.  Anything else is going to land you in Hades or at least you will feel that way.

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