Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mars in Cancer--How's Your Digestion?

Fiery Mars moves into weepy Cancer on July 13 and Saint Thomas has me thinking about our stomachs and digestion.  In fact, old Thomas filled my head with digestion and stomach thoughts before I was fully awake, as he is known to do.  Since, I'm a Cancerian and I have dealt with digestion problems over the year and a sensitive stomach to boot, he thought I was the ideal candidate to write this post.  As if I don't have enough work on my plate already, hmmmm.

If you want to know more about medical astrology after reading this post, go to http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/MedicalAstrology29.1.htm, where I looked up the ruler of pancreas.  Okay, so Cancer rules the stomach and Mars is a fire sign ruled by Aries that deals with some of our stronger emotions such as anger and impatience. Cancer deals with strong emotions too such as grief, fear and sadness.  Cancer tends to repress emotions which we hold in our stomach or breasts and Aries tends to vent his emotions--think of Meg Ryan in that scene in "French Kiss" where she's on a train traveling through Southern France and she rants about her lactose intolerance.  Although this is a funny scene, Thomas brings it up as an example of what happens when Mars rolls into Cancer.  Yes, we'll all travel on trains through Provence venting about our digestive disorders.  Well, at least this is a scenic trip, no?

If you have a tendency towards heartburn, stay away from spicy, caffeinated (yes, this includes chocolate), and acidic foods. Eat a diet that is PH balanced (this is for everyone), and if your Ayurvedic doshas is Pitta, stay clear of spicy or hot foods now.  In fact, if you're in a warmer climate or even a hot climate now, eat as much raw food as possible as in vegetables and fruit, though vegetables are alkaline and better for your digestion.  If you suffer from a stomach ulcer get medical help now or by the time Mars rolls into Leo, you're going to be sorry.  Remember Leo is a fire sign.

Since the stomach works in tandem with the rest of your digestive system such as the liver (Sagittarius), small and large intestines and pancreas (Virgo) and the elimination system (Scorpio) make sure that you're not over stuffing your stomach making it a challenge for your digestive enzymes and juices to do their work. And if you're above say 35 years of age, consider adding digestive enzymes and good bacteria to your system.  As we grow older we have less digestive enzymes and if we over stuff our stomachs or don't chew our food properly (no wolfing down big chunks of food, alright?), we suffer from gas, bloating and pain, which leads to other health complications and even disease.

Thomas also points out not to eat when we feel strong emotions and that's going to be tough with Mars in Cancer because we're going to feel strong emotions from anger, self-righteousness, to impatience on a big scale.  When Mars in Cancer conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer we will feel even bigger emotions.  So meditate, take a walk, or do anything to relax and calm your emotions before sitting down to a meal.  Also don't eat on the run because you'll pay for that.  Try your best not to argue with anyone over meal (that's vulgar behavior anyway) and that includes arguing with yourself or berating yourself for indulging in a cream puff or buttery croissant.  Be easy on yourself or you'll reach for even more comfort food to stuff your guilt and shame.

Mars in Cancer has us all feeling childish and spoiled.  We want what we want and we want in now.  Remember that scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Violet demands her candy now? We don't want to succumb to that kind of behavior, do we? And if we don't get what we want, we feel angry and we either repress that anger because our civilized adult self demands that we do, or we vent in public embarrassing everyone around us.  Yep, that's Mars in Cancer.  We might even blow up at our mothers who didn't give us this or that as a child.

And then there are the entitled children of younger generations whose parents spoiled them in the worst way and now we're going to have to deal with them.  Fun, I know.  And the way to deal with this anger is to do like Louise Hay does by taking a plastic baseball bat or your fists and punching the heck out of your pillow.  Or you can do silent screams or better yet, do some physical exercise.  I prefer dancing to African drums as opposed to beating up my poor pillows who I would rather show gratitude.  Hmmmm, Louise, really? But whatever you do, find a healthy outlet to deal with your anger now, much of which stems from childhood experiences.  When we don't get our needs met as a child, we grow into resentful and bitter adults.  Oh, sure some of us hide this resentment under perky can-do, I'm a Pollyanna attitude.  But now, sweetie, you're going to have to deal with the stuff, especially with so many planets in Cancer.

Have a good cry with your life coach or therapist or best friend.  Watch a sad movie and sob your way through it and then take the day off to process your feelings.  Once you remove all that baggage, you will allow a flow of good things to manifest in your life.  With Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer, we need to release this baggage now as individuals and as societies, otherwise, we're going to witness more hotheads setting their anger loose on playgrounds and shopping centers.  Remember it's not just about "those angry people" but about all of us and our collective anger.  We are after all ONE BEING and anything we witness outside of us is also inside of us.  We are responsible for world events as hard as that is to swallow, much less, digest. And Mars in Cancer will drive that theme home with us for the next two months.

So the short of it, don't over stuff your stomach, get enough enzymes, eat a PH balanced diet (eat your green vegetables), exercise to blow off steam, and deal with your repressed anger in a healthy way.  We have 8 weeks to get through this process and if we make the effort, we will have cleared away a lot of garbage from our souls.  We will feel lighter and ready for the next phase of human evolution.

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