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Changing the Channel (Rules & Techniques for Working with or as a Medium)

I usually receive Divine messages from saints, angels and ascended masters in the middle of the night or early morning when there is less interference from electric magnetic fields aka EMF and most people are sleeping in this apartment building thus causing slower brainwave patterns.  I am also in a greater state of awareness at this time.

Today my Higher Guides (or whatever name you wish to call them), reminded me about working with ethereal energies, the do’s and don’t and the interferences we face from this energy through the use of cell phones, wireless computers, microwaves, televisions, satellite dishes as well as, use of pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, smoking of tobacco and other substances or use of recreational drugs.  Strong emotions also block the Divine messages from coming through as does participating in gossip and other negative behaviors.  Strong beliefs that cause the mind and heart to close also block messages from coming through in their purest form.

Channels who smoke, drink alcohol or who don’t take care of their emotional business are only 60 to 70 percent accurate. A pure channel is just that, someone who lives a clean lifestyle and might even live a bit on the edge of society or their community in the way that old time shamans lived on the edge of a village or away from the tribe in a separate hut.  A true channel must disengage as much as possible from the mainstream including lifestyles, group thought, and group behavior.  Stay away from television, the media (which can distort messages coming through) and spend as much time meditating and connecting to guides as possible.

Pure channels also disengage from group trances or euphoria or madness, outrage, etc..While we do strive for Unity Consciousness and everything is connected, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to connect.  And there are disturbances to avoid such as sources of radiation, cell phones, cell towers, wireless, microwaves and the use of electronic devices (such as this computer which is at least not hooked up to the internet while I type this message. The original message was typed longhand in a journal upon receiving the original messages from Divine Sources).

The following information is for mediums or channels and following that is information for clients of mediums or channels.  This information will sound counter intuitive at times only because we as humans have lived in error and have taught ourselves and each other the wrong information in regard to channeling and channels.  We have not practiced what we preach and we have, for the most part, not lived lives of pure channels therefore, information coming through from Divine Sources has been distorted and corrupted--usually around 75 to 85 percent accurate from the highest level channels and less so for those just dabbling in the dark, trying to impress their friends and colleagues.  A true channel is willing to sacrifice, “fitting in,” “looking good to others,” and living mainstream lifestyles.

The Higher Guides hope that this information reaches channels and clients of channels because the Divine wishes to speak through us at this time with less interference. In fact, this is crucial at this time in planetary and human evolution.

For Mediums and Channels:

Do not smoke, drink alcohol or do recreational drugs ever.  Do not give readings or sessions while on antibiotics or any pharmaceutical products that alters brainwaves and other rhythmic functions of the body.  If you are on medication on a regular basis, then ask for extra clearing and cleansing from your guides and Archangels before giving a session.

Never give a session while you are recovering from an infectious illness, feel exhausted, burned out or suffering from an illness that leaves you weak and vulnerable.  Schedule your client for another time after you recover from the illness.

Never give a session while a radio, television or computer is turned on in the same room or you can hear it coming through from another room.  Turn all these devices off because they will distract and distort information coming through.

Clear all cell phones and electronic devices out of the space where you work if you are meeting someone face to face for a session.  Never give a reading or session over a cell phone or wireless.  Use a land line if you must take the client by phone.  Cell phones are disruptive and the Higher Guides do not know why so many energy healers and mediums insist on having these cell phones.  The guides have to work twice, sometimes three times as hard to convey their messages clearly.

Do drink a glass of purified water before and after a session.  Sage the space and then invite in Divine Love to fill the space.

Ask the Archangels to send Gold, Amber, Silver, or White Light to purify and cleanse your aura and your light and physical bodies.  Ask for a thorough cleanse and purification.  This takes anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes.

Ask your client to do the same.

Lay the ground rules for working with your client, such as teaching them to tune into their own body and intuition. In fact, it’s best to teach meditation techniques and tuning in to a client before working with them as a channel.  They need to keep an open mind, but not so open that they don’t trust their own intuition.  Channels are sometimes wrong and misguided.  Everyone has good days and bad days.

Think of you tuning into a radio station where some days it comes in clear and other days you hear nothing but static.  Channels aren’t always accurate and no human channel is 100 percent accurate, even if they tell you they are.  They are still human, they still have judgments and perceptions that color the messages they receive.  And all humans have egos which like cell phones interrupt the flow of energy coming through.

Do not give a session when you are experiencing strong emotions.  Do a clearing through Emotional Freedom Technique or another modality.  And if you are feeling emotionally off, reschedule the session with your client.  It’s time to take care of you.

Don’t give channeling sessions to people suffering from ADD or ADHD or other mental or emotional imbalances.  They cannot receive the information you give to them.  Instead, refer these clients to meditation instructors or if you have the skills to teach meditation, then teach these clients how to clear and calm their minds.  Likewise, do not channel for drug addicts, alcoholics or co-dependent people.  Send them to the appropriate healers and medical professionals.  These people could pose a threat to your safety and well-being.  You cannot help everyone.

For Clients of Mediums or Channels:

Clear and ground yourself with Amber, Silver, Gold or White Light before a channeling session.  Ask the Archangels to help you with this.  Pull a cord from your body into the earth’s core center and up into the heavens to ground and center you.

Have a clear question, purpose and intention in mind before contacting the medium.  This helps with receiving clear and accurate information.  If your mind is racing and your energy is fragmented, the medium will have a challenging time bringing forth information for you.

Clear strong emotions before a session using Emotional Freedom Technique tapping or another modality.  This might not always be possible, but it’s impossible to receive information when you are contracting or panicking or feeling outraged, for example.

Don’t visit a channel or have a session when you are recovering from an infectious or contagious illness such as a cold.  Better to try meditating and tapping into your personal guides for healing and other information you need.

Be honest with the channel or medium if you are suffering from an addiction or mental illness.  They will have trouble reaching you and you are better off learning how to meditate and tap into your own higher consciousness.  (Some channels will not agree with this).

Don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs before or during a session.  If you are taking pharmaceutical products, then ask for a clearing of the energies from those products from your guides and the Archangels.

Do not have a session over a cell phone or wireless internet service and that includes calling into radio intuitives.  You won’t receive an accurate reading no matter how good or accurate the medium is.

Even when consulting with a high-level medium, still tune into your intuition and trust yourself.  If your intuition is in sync with the medium then you are receiving clear information.  If you feel that the information is not congruent then end the phone call or session or request other information by stating that you feel the information isn't congruent.  You have this right as a client and you don’t have to worry about looking nice or acting polite or overly reverential.  Re-direct the energy to serve your Highest Good.

Avoid caffeine or sugar before a session, drink purified water before and after the session, and make sure you have eaten enough protein so your blood sugar is stable.  This goes the same for the channel.

This ends the message, even though there is a lot more information to share.

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