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His Pluto is on my Venus--Synastry Charts

Before I start allowing this post to flow through me, I send out a huge thank you to all of you visiting this new blog.  I appreciate your traffic and comments.  The feeling of connecting to others through writing is important to me.  After all, my natal chart is half in the feeling water element with powerful Mercury and Neptune energies.

When I first learned about synastry charts over 10 years ago, I fell in love with the concept.  When I was in my 20s, my friends and I erroneously thought that relationships were solely based on the couple's Sun Signs.  I read and re-read Linda Goodman's "Love Signs" like it was an astrology bible.  The book proved entertaining and I could quickly eliminate any men who has Sun Signs in Air or Fire, but of course, those were exactly the men I dated.  When these relationships didn't work out, I said, "See, Linda was right. What a goddess!"  Then as I became a serious student of astrology (even though I still considered astrology a hobby), I started studying charts and realizing quickly the intricate depths of an individual.  And oh, what stories these charts could tell!

I read several books on synastry charts, but Stephen Forrest's "Sky Mates" is the one I remember most and I re-read it again a few months ago.  Of course, synastry charts represent only one astrological tool, even if it proves insightful into the workings of two individuals coming together as a couple.  And the best way to view these charts is as a transformational tool since people rarely come together as rigid and unchanging beings.  Often, we meet partners just so we will learn and specific lesson and eliminate limiting thoughts, beliefs, and fears.  Not that I recommend abusive relationships, but even those situations can eventually bring empowerment and deep healing.  No use chastising someone who knew better but couldn't resist the attraction of an abusive partner.  Especially, if the relationship eventually brought courage and the ability to say no to the person who found them self in the victim role and even to the abuser who rehabilitated his or her life.

Sometimes people of different age gaps end up in relationships or different lifestyles or alternative lifestyles.  Only the higher beings know the reason or logic behind these intermingling of souls.  Stephen Arroyo (in the book I mentioned in the last post), discussed synastry charts in one chapter of the book, while focusing mainly on the outer planets intraspects with the other person's personal planets and ascendant.  Certainly, this approach makes the astrologer's job easier and more streamline.  For people of the same generation, Pluto conjunct Pluto or Neptune conjunct Neptune isn't news.  These slow moving planets have cycles of 12 to 20 years.  Pluto conjunct Venus or conjunct Mars carries more weight.  People within a 2-year range of each other could experience their Saturn returns around the same time, and people born during the same year, definitely will.  There are advantages with relationships that have a considerable age gap, though a 20+ year age gap is pushing it.

So let's look briefly at the trans formative outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and their interactions with personal planets.  When these big guys show up in a synastry chart what are they communicating to the couple?

Uranus brings change, excitement, instability, and an electrified feeling.  It feels like a genius with a lightening bolt walked into the room.  If some one's Uranus conjuncts someone's Venus or Mars, these people would feel instantly attracted to each other and most likely met under unusual circumstances.  I imagine it's the same for the other personal planets.  However, if the Moon is involved so are exploring emotions.  The person with the intraspect Moon will want to explore emotions and long for security with the Uranus intraspect person.  However, the Uranus person will feel that the Moon person is too clingy and prefer to do something exciting together and even prefer more space in the relationship.  We can compare this to Linda Goodman's description of Sun Signs Cancer and Aquarius.

If the Uranus opposes the Moon in the synastry chart, then at least the signs in which the planets fall in are complimentary even if they are opposite.  A square bring a lot of conflicting energy since the planets fall in elements that don't compliment each other, such as water and fire, or earth and air.  But wouldn't it be interesting if Uranus fell in the sign of Cancer and the Moon in the sign of Aquarius? Would this bring ease to the people involved? Would they feel a greater empathy for the other? I don't know.  Show me a real couple with this scenario and let me interview them.

And even though we are using the Moon and Uranus as examples, we also need to look at the houses where the other person's planets are deposited and then the aspects between houses in and between both charts.  If I didn't find this process fun, I would say this is a heck of a lot of work!  Once we have Uranus aspects and intraspects (aspects between the two people's planets) sorted out, then we look at Pluto in each of the charts and its intraspects with each other's personal planets.  However, as Stephen Arroyo has pointed out, Pluto is not an easy guy to figure out because much of Pluto's energies are hidden below the surface in the subconscious.  Arroyo mentions that it helps to know the couple beforehand in deciphering the Pluto intraspects in the charts.

However, if we see Pluto conjunct some one's Venus or square some one's Mars, we are given our first clues.  At this point, we interact with the couple by asking deep probing questions and I would rather leave that for psychologists than go there myself.  Pluto lingers in dangerous and even forbidden territory, though under the right conditions acts like a goldmine.  So much of what keeps couples stuck are unconscious urges and impulses that neither person understands.  Pluto is hardly logical, at least not in the material sense.  And an astrologer could easily react to Pluto intraspects in a negative way, like a kid who thinks everything he doesn't understand is gross, especially anything that's taboo, or sexual, or about death or birth.  They turn their nose up, "ooh, gross!" as if a skunk just walked into the room and sprayed everything.  While Uranus can feel nerve-wracking, Pluto lurks around in the corners leering at people. No wonder people want to shoo him away.

Neptune brings a dreamy, sometimes unrealistic quality to a relationship.  Arroyo mentioned that this planet's conjunctions with other planets provide a more flowing aspect, with Mars the only exception to the rule.  Squares bring more energies, oppositions could bring complimentary energies, but someone with Neptune in Virgo opposing someone with Venus in Pisces could provide some bitter battles.  The Neptune in Virgo person will already have the Pisces-Virgo energy, but feel in conflict with self doubt, criticism, and an illusion of perfectionism which they could project on their Venus in Pisces partner who is more concerned about the aesthetics of the relationship and possibly lean towards escapism through drugs, wine, food, shopping, or who knows what else.

On the other hand, this couple could make good music and art together, provided that they ground their creative ideas with some Virgo logic.  Virgo also brings analytical thought, communication skills and a sense of groundedness to the relationship, and maybe a sense of purity.  The Virgo energy would also set up the daily routine so that the Piscean ideal can manifest.  This is just one example of Neptune's role in a synastry chart.  For time sake, I can't go into every personal planet combination, houses, configurations, etc...Nor do I want to.

Synastry charts offer couples maps that provide them with the best routes to take in their relationship.  These charts should never be used to prognoses whether or not a relationship should or could work out.  I also think it's best to only provide these charts for clients who are devoted to their spiritual evolution and who are serious about astrology.  Otherwise, it would feel like a waste of time stroking egos of people who only want to hear that they're soul mates and are going to go live in a castle in Southern France.  The astrologer in turn can show the couple the best routes on the map, places where they'll most likely detour and other places they would be best not to visit.

As much as I enjoy giving synastry readings, I haven't given many.  This is an area I would like to explore in the future.  If any of you have stories to share about working with synastry charts or advice, please contact me or leave a comment.  Thank you.

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