Thursday, August 6, 2015

Whole Astrology Policy and Fees

Ever so often, I receive requests for free readings or readings per trade. Due to financial and time constraints, I'm unable to respond to these requests. For any of you who have practiced or practice astrology, you know that reading a chart is not something an astrologer can just whip up. It takes hours of my time to read a chart properly and then another hour or two to type up the report. So please do not send me requests for free readings. As far as trade, I did trades in the past and found those situations unsatisfactory at best so I no longer accept trade offers.

Contact astrology students looking for practice at Kepler College or check out astrology forums such as where you can post a question and astrologers can respond to it, again for practice or exposure. You can also look for astrology groups on Face Book and other social media where you can post your questions.

The only free services I offer are information on this blog (which is educational, if you want to take time to read the numerous posts here) and my astrology videos on Astrologer Patricia. In addition, I have plans of launching another astrology series on YouTube or Vimeo featuring Pediatric Astrology where I will explore charts of children as responding to parents' questions. This is further down the road as I'm currently in the process of relocating to a new home and building my astrology practice.

I also don't understand why people from across the world are contacting me when I'm mainly a regional astrologer in the northwest corner of the United States. Please support the astrologers in your own region since they are more likely to relate to you culturally and regionally. I believe in supporting local economies. If you don't know of any astrologers in your town or city, then do a online search for your region. I can't guarantee that any of those astrologers would do free readings because the expert astrologers all charge fees unless they are giving free readings on an online radio program or a tele-summit. You would be more likely to find card readers giving free readings than astrologers.

Thank you for your understanding.

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